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Shade Sails Design & Installation

Take Your Outdoor Experience to a Whole New Level with Shade Sails
Welcome to Shade Sails Gold Coast. We have everything you need including a wide assortment of shade sail styles and colours. We are located in Southeast Queensland and understand the brutal climate involved in this beautiful countryside. We can help tailor your design and installation to suit your unique spaces and needs. We are familiar with various shade sail plans and know what types of materials will best combat the harsh elements you have to deal with to get the most out of your property. Our team of dedicated experts have years of experience to guide you through the entire process, from selection to finished installation.

Spending time in your outdoor living spaces should always be fun and safe. The sun is beautiful and warm, but it can also be dangerous and uncomfortable when spending long periods playing or relaxing outside. Other elements aren’t as often thought of as problems for outdoor play and living areas, but they can be equally destructive to your property and belongings. Shade sails are marvellous protectors of all of your outdoor belongings exposed to the sun, wind, and rain. Here at Shade Sails Gold Coast, we can help you protect yourself, your family, and your belongings for the most used areas in your yard, patio, deck, or driveway.

benefits of installing a shade sail

Shade Sails Gold Coast

Shade sails are cost-effective and versatile solution for our Gold Coast, Queensland harsh sun.

Advantages for installing a new Shade Sail:

  • They offer shade all year round
  • Add character to any outdoor environment
  • Add value to the property
  • Save money on energy as there is less need to utilize cooling or fans
  • Protect areas and assets such as car, plants and equipment from the sun, wind and rain


Why Add Shade Sails to Your Home?

Along with the enhanced protection, shade sails offer, they are also unique and interesting design elements. Their unique design gives any outdoor space added flair and increases the value of your entire property as well as the general appearance. These popular additions let you extend the living space of your home to include outdoor space and along with protecting your loved ones from the harsh rays of the sun. Shade sails also protect delicate plants, expensive outdoor furniture and even your cars, equipment and toys from all of nature’s elements.

Shade sales can save you money, too. Shade sails help you reduce the cost of keeping cool in the hottest weather. You won’t have to run your fans outdoors. Your indoor spaces are kept cooler when shade sails cover areas near windows and doors as well. By keeping the sun’s rays and heat from entering the building, shade sails make it cooler inside, so your cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard. Get started today, and let us make your outdoor living spaces fun, entertaining and safe with shade sails.